Self Improvement Through Purpose, Passion, and Destiny

This self improvement blog is designed to provide you with the foundations for defining your Purpose, living your Passion, and designing your Destiny. In order to create personal excellence there must be a strong foundation to build upon. When you build that foundation with core values, a strong sense of purpose, the results can be transformational. Welcome to your endless potential…

You will learn that everything in your life is a result of what you know, what you experience and how you think. When you control your thinking, control what you are saying, and ultimately control what you are doing, you can design your destiny.

This site will provide you with the tools and strategies for “living with purpose” rather than simply “having a purpose”…that is to “live purposefully”. Living purposefully allows you to move towards your destiny with intent and not merely happenstance. You will confront the challenges and adversities in your life. Yes, that is right, confront! You cannot change what you are not willing to confront. You will not be undertaking this journey alone, not without tools and guidance.

This site will help you make purposeful decisions in your self improvement journey and courageously make commitments to follow through. You will have the tools to help you re-define, or re-define your relationships, your career, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual beliefs. It requires taking a deep look at yourself, assessing, what our team calls, A.S.S.E.T.S. (Authentic Strengths and Skills to Effectively Transform your Self). This site will not teach you to seek perfection. The aim is to help you achieve self improvement through transformation, while maintaining your internal balance to create the purpose, passion and destiny filled life you truly desire.

Much like the transformation of the caterpillar to a butterfly, there are no quick fixes. This site is designed for people who are serious about self improvement and willing to commit to it over time. You will learn The 12 Commitments for Being Purpose, Passion and Destiny Driven.

You will learn how to ask the right questions, with the right motives, to get the right answers for your life.

The basic themes of this site are grounded in 5 Key Steps to A Purpose-Passion-Destiny Filled Life:

  1. What are my core values?
    Developing core values does not mean inventing them. It means uncovering and discovering what they already are. Your Gifts are like the highway of life, and your Core Values are like the highway guardrails. Gifts and Values are key elements to discovering your purpose.
  2. Why am I here – what is my reason for being?
    You will explore your assignment in life – your reason for being. There is a part of you called your spirit, higher self, or internal wisdom. When you believe that your life has meaning and make it your life’s goal to infuse that meaning into everything you do, you will begin to live purposefully.
  3. What are my capacities and what is my commitment?
    There are two elements critical for success. You will be provided tools, strategies, and tips for transforming your life into your desired success. These tools, strategies and tips can give you added “capacity”, but they cannot give you the second key element…your “willingness”. Willingness is an insatiable, internal desire. To set your will is to commitment to a course of action. You will look deeply within and without to find your passion – your so called “fire-in-the-belly”. This serves to create the “It” in your life whereby you experience greatness.
  4. What are my internal roadblocks?
    You destiny is something that evolves within each of your experiences. Consequently, your destiny is not to be found; through your experiences it is designed. Instead of pursuing your destiny, you will learn to stay in your present, therefore participating in your destiny. You will learn how to plan for the future but live in the present. You will learn to release the notion that your future is going to complete you and in the process secure your destiny. Basically, you will focus on becoming a more human “being” in defining your destiny and less of a human simply “doing”. 

    In order to fulfill your destiny, you must have a destination. You will explore your fears and limiting beliefs. You will be provided strategies that will allow you to remove blocks that prevent you from living a destiny driven life.

  5. What is my next move?
    Once you have the tools to define your purpose, live your passion, and define your destiny, you have a choice to make. Will you continue doing what you have always done and getting what you have always gotten? Or will you validate your new defined identity…and begin to become that You that you desire? It will then be your move…

This site will provide you with constant exposure to quality content, positive affirmations and quotes, inspirational short stories and videos, knowledge-building activities, and skill-building resources that are the key to reaching the unlimited potential within.

“It’s not what you go through in life, it’s what you don’t get stuck in that really matters”
– L. Aynn Daniels

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Be more concerned with the direction of your life than the speed” – Anonymous

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